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The Journey

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About Me


Hmmm... where should I start? 

It all started in 199...yeah okay maybe not that far back lol. 

But hello there! My name is Alexandra "Alex" White. I now go by the name of mommy as well... that is a long story but if you want to know more about Teddy and I's story feel free to check out my blog "Redemption." The most important thing about me is I love Jesus, the rest is well just fun info. Like my dream job is to be a Rockette (maybe one day when I grow up), I would live at Disney if they would let me, & cats are my jam. Rosie Jo is my best friend (she's my kitty). Football knowledge is grand, and yoga/meditation helped save my mental health. Want to know more? Just click here. 

The Creation

When I envisioned Enjoy the Journey, I could have never expected to go from writing blogs about the in between stage of life called the 20’s to creating posts of the real affects of anxiety, panic, ptsd, and depression to offering virtual group exercise classes to now providing personal training and multiple opportunities of yoga and meditation to a community… but here I am.

If someone told me in 2016 that I would be using Enjoy the Journey as not only an outlet but a ministry as well as producing virtual fitness I would not have believed it. I can only thank God and my amazing support system, seriously. It is like He gave me my dreams when I wasn’t looking and now I cannot believe I am here.

The road has been long and tiring. There were unexpected growth spots that literally came from coast to coast. Have I arrived at exactly where I desire? No way, but because of each growth spurt and every lonely night, I can finally say I am on my way to something amazing and I want to invite you along with me. Let’s explore what God has to offer, begin or continuing conquering journeys of wholeness (fitness, nutrition, mental, and emotional health), and learn to

Enjoy the Journey together.

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