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Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Once a year, the whole world tells you to get motivated for a month and then leaves you hanging the next eleven. I'll never understand how our culture works and why consistency is basically like an unknown art. Everyone is scared of commitment. Most people don't say yes unless nothing better is going on. Then there are those of us who strive for excellence in all aspects yet become weary when everyone else seems to succeed and we don't. It seems as though the consistent who begin and end in 1 month become more successful than the driven do all year. But is this fact or fiction? One may feel this way but is there truth to back the argument?

Over the past 4 or so years I have learned a very important lesson. No one will change unless their mind is prepared and ready to act. For example, those people who attend a gym for the first month of worldly motivation may see results, may even keep their results; but, in most cases it is an imagine or a pant size not a life change. The people who are driven and consistent may not always see a noticeable a change but are on a continuous journey of self discovery. You see, motivation is more than just a habit or an act. It is a mental, emotional, and physical push that brings about forever change for all aspects of life. The answers to the questions above are that yes people do see change within a month and may even keep it. However, the truth is that their change is only surface level. Why invest so much effort into a surface level achievement when there is so much more to gain out of life?

Consistency may be long and hard. It may even break you more than make you at times. I would like to say that the road of motivation becomes easier as you continue its path but as far as I've experienced it only gets harder. However, the rewards are far vast than my small mind can grasp. To the outside world it may look like you're struggling and heck you may be. It is within us that is most important. Each day choosing to stay motivated within working out, God's word, prayer, eating right, choosing joy, and putting others first has become easier to do because my mind and emotions are able to find comfort in knowing this life isn't about me. My whole life is for the glory of God and if choosing consistency brings that (through good and bad) then so be it.

So the question I want to ask you today is: Are you a one month kind of person or a year long one? The choice is yours to make

and yours to change.

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