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The Little Things

A couple months ago, I was seeking the Lord about how to continue to overcome my anxiety, lack of enjoyment, and a couple other issues. My mental and emotional state have been broken and bruised for quite some time now. It seems as soon as I get a second to rest and recoup from the latest disaster another one approaches. I know deep down, I can overcome anything. However, I felt like there was something more I could do to help my healing. I began yoga and meditation along with attending regular counseling sessions. Still, there seemed to be something missing. As I was praying one evening, a picture of a cat literally popped into my head. I assumed I had gotten distracted so I went on to read my devotion book. A couple days passed...I began, again, to ask the Lord how else He would like me to find healing and restoration. Again, the idea of a cat or animal popped into my head. I thought about it for a moment and then moved on. This went on for a couple days. Then I thought, "Maybe there is a reason why." Come to find out, the Holy Spirit was pushing me to fervently pray and seek this idea out. So I did. After a couple more days I began to make the thought a reality.

The google searches began! Where to buy kitten? How much is kitty food? The average cost of a cat. Best place to purchase accessories for kittens. Recommendations for a vet. I mean I could go on and on. After adding up all the different costs, the maintenance, and praying about the life long commitment, I presented my case to the parents. (If you all don't know, I am currently living at home). As we sat in our favorite spots in the living room, I got super serious and asked the big question. They both took in my words and my mom replied, "We will have to talk about it alone and get back to you." That was totally fine with me. It's a huge commitment and a life altering decision. Honestly, I am surprised I got the courage to ask. Anyways, about a week went by and my parents said they had made a decision. Come to find out all my mom said to my dad was he needed to pray about it. After four times of seeking the Lord, he got the same answer with justification. Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Of course, there were rules established, but after that, the search was ON!

As I traveled down the winding road toward the Humane Society, I thought to myself...she, the kitten, could be there and today might be the day! I put the car in park and took a deep breath in. My mom got out of the car and I followed suite. Approaching the door, I opened it and low and behold there were people and animals galore! But no kittens.

Disappointed, I began searching the internet again for different ways to adopt a pet locally. Through the stalking of Pet Helpers Facebook page, I came across an adoption day. However, it was 45 minutes away! Curiosity took over and I asked my mom if we could go check it out. Being the practical woman she is, asked me if there would even be kittens. I then asked and the answer was yes! Off we went to a pet store 45 minutes away. When we walked into the store, chaos abounded. Confusion and an overwhelming feeling took over my entire being. Dogs barked non stop, pooping occurred, and there in a kennel was the cutest, 9 week old boy kitten. Beside him were a couple grown cats as well. Asking the nice lady if there were any others and or what was going on, she directed me towards a table with applications on it. Can I just say that adopting a kitten requires a TON of information about yourself. The application was quite tedious. Still I wasn't sold on if I was getting a kitty or not. But then....sitting in the back was another nice lady holding a 4 month old kitten. I imagined the kitten to be smaller. However, she met all the requirements...kitten, female, all shots, just had her surgery for spay, and sweet as a button. After I finished the 3 pages of paperwork, the foster mom let me hold said kitten. Her name? Rosie. Her color? strawberry blonde. Her countenance? cuddly and ready to be adopted. As she lay in my arms, the foster mom began sharing about her personality as well as her brother and their story. The more the mom talked the more I fell in love. The conversing continued and some how the fact that my dad and I had both prayed about adopting a kitty came up. As soon as my mom shared that, the foster mom looked at us and said she had also been praying about Rosie being adopted today. She had asked her son, who was also becoming attached to Rosie, if it would be okay if she were adopted. He said yes but also explained that it would be okay if she came home too. She then shared how she would also have been okay if Rosie came to stay forever. But she knew that God wanted her to go with us and was ecstatic that all prayers had been answered. You see along with praying about adoption she also prayed that no kids would be in the house as well as no other animals. And whomever took her would be a safe, kind, and cuddly environment. So we loaded her up and began our journey back home.

The reason I share this is to remind each of you to take a second and appreciate the little things. As many of you know, my life is not what I expected it to be. But if I had not been in this season, Rosie Jo would have never been apart of my life. Neither would the experience of finding her or the amazing opportunity to make a new sweet Godly friend. Another lesson? Don't be afraid to obey what God has placed upon your heart. Is my anxiety gone? No. But through my new kitty, I have found laughter and a new joy within my family. God knew exactly what he was doing a couple months ago but if I wasn't listening and spending time with Him there would be no Rosie Jo. The last lesson? Be vulnerable with God. He already knows your every thought and feeling, but being able to humble yourself and admit it opens your heart and breaks boundaries within your relationship. Remember God is always working, even in the little things.

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