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Joy in the Job

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

In one study, 89% of American's were found that they were satisfied in some way with their job. In another study more than half of employees in the U.S. enjoy their job. However, world wide only about 13% of people claim to like their current job. These results may or may not be accurate. I simply googled a couple key words about jobs, satisfaction, and enjoyment. What I did find interesting was that more times than not the poll/study/research proved that more people enjoy their jobs than not. From my own feelings, the people in my life, and the way in which peers at my jobs and employees from other companies interact with me, I would never have guessed that specific turn out. So why is it that we, as people of a working class, can say we are satisfied/enjoy our jobs but are actions say something else?

In the midst of one of my break down modes, in the past week, about a specific job I have, a great point was brought up. Why do I go to work? Why do you go to work? Is it for money? Out of obligation? To support your family? Boredom? No matter the actual reason you answer with, the only reason we should do anything is to glorify God. In the book I have been reading called "Trusting God," the author continues to bring this to the forefront of every chapter, every paragraph, and in everything he writes. The whole reason everything happens, doesn't happen, goes smoothly, is a complete disaster, is all to bring honor and recognition back to the ultimate power at hand, God. Now if you do not have a personal relationship with your Creator you will not understand anything I am saying. Even if you do have a relationship, you may not be at a point in your relationship where God has revealed, in great detail these things. Hey that is okay! We are all on different journeys. However, if you do not know God at all, I strongly encourage you to ask questions, read the Bible, go to church, and or seek someone who does. You see God gives humans purpose, without Him there is no point to life. Why go to work, earn money, and then die? Pointless. However, if you are striving to make God known throughout your day, desire to tell His great story, bring people along side you to grow with, and can see the ultimate goal of heaven, there is hope after this life on earth.

Once God's glory becomes your main goal, you'll enjoy your job so much better! The End. No, no, no, not the end. However, that is what a lot of people think or are/were taught. The truth is, the Bible (where God's truth is found) states in James 1:2-4, 1 Corinthians 4:8-9, Philippians 4:12, 1 Peter 5:10, and so many other verses of encouragement when it comes to doing stuff we don't enjoy. They even go so far to claim that we need to be joyful in suffering! So first things first, look up some scripture about joy, or use one of these listed. Found out exactly what the author was trying to portray and then memorize it. I would also encourage you to read Ecclesiastes. The book is humbling and brings light to the everyday meander of life.

Now some day to day, easy, practical steps to find joy in the job:

1. Prepare your mind. This looks like thinking upon things that are good, kind, truthful, and refuting lies we create inside our heads.

2. Take a few deep, steady breaths before walking into work.

3. Do not create expectations or worst case scenarios in your head before arriving at work. Look at the day as a blank slate and fill it with your favorite colors. If you mess up? Flip the page over and try again!

4. Be honest with yourself about how you really feel about your job. (You may secretly hate it and not even know.)

5. Remind yourself you are there for a DIVINE reason!

6. Everyone is broken; therefore, people are going to also have bad days. Give grace (undeserved forgiveness)!

7. PRAY! If you don't know what to say? Simply whisper, God help me.

My challenge to you all is to take ONE, just one, of these steps and try it for a FULL week. If you don't see the results you were desiring try out another. Don't forget to also pick a scripture verse or even a favorite encouraging quote to memorize and repeat daily. I have a feeling you will begin to find joy in the job in no time.

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