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Preparing for Easter

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

This week we will be looking at how to renew the heart before Easter. God has been severely awakening my heart the past couple weeks about what exactly He did for me and why I need to choose to worship regardless of my circumstances. I've never really been one of those people who takes time to truly intake any holiday season for the Person it is about. For most of my life its been full of traditions, obligations, and the gifts. But this time I want it to be different. My heart aches for the truth of the holiday, for the Man that is hidden behind all the bright colored eggs, jelly beans, and chocolate.

Renewing the heart.....what exactly does that mean? Readjust the focus in which the heart is captivated. Examine the depth of your thoughts, emotions, and motivations. If any of these waver from our true purpose, glorifying God, then we must renew. The definition of renew is, "resume (an activity) after an interruption" or "re-establish (a relationship)." What is interrupting your thoughts, emotions, and motivations? Why do you really celebrate Easter? Right now I would answer like this: Well duhhhh because Jesus died on the cross. But is this really what the celebration of Easter is? Do I even think twice about Jesus during the entire Easter Sunday? I mean I guess I have to here and there because I am at church; however, do I think about Him again after I walk out of the door? My desire is to be able to answer with full confidence, believing it deep in my heart the reason I celebrate Easter. The answer I am striving toward looks like this: I celebrate Easter because Jesus loved me before anyone knew me, because He deserves to be celebrated, because any and every sin was driven into His human body (yes even yours), because God allowed His son to be slaughtered for everyone. How do we go from a nonchalant answer to one of great power? I believe the second definition explains just what we need to do. "Re-establish (a relationship)," go back to where is all started...Just you and Jesus the first time you met...the many times you fell upon your knees to ask for forgiveness...when you realized God never once left your side, you simply left His.

In order to re-establish a time such as those listed above, I strongly encourage you to journal the most recent time you and Jesus had a great encounter. If this has never happened or you are finding difficulty with this task, maybe it is time you fell upon your knees or came back to the reality that God never EVER leaves you...YOU decide to step away from Him. Really embrace this time of remembrance or encounter.

Following remembrance or an encounter, say THANK YOU. This can look a many ways but are not limited to writing a thank-you letter, turn on some worship tunes and raise those hands, list 10 blessings, read a psalm, and/or simply say thank you and be quiet and still within God's presence (making intentional time with JUST you and Him).

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